Friday, 23 December 2016

For History: President of the USA is self-proven to be a complete twit

Illiterate Trump - "no nothing" - so they do have the dirt on you then Donald? ++ ++ Meryl Streep criticises him so Trump tweets his silly fury ++ ++ ++ From the above Tweets we now see Trump is not on;y babyish, he lies like a toddler as well. Se the evidence for yourself as he very obviously, and childishly, mocks the reporter with disabilities: ++ Trump showed the same bitter childishness about an earlier theatrical incident == President Elect Trump Tweets on what he now calls "The Great Wall" and that Mexico will be paying for it. ++ President Elect Trump criticises his own intelligence as well as that of US Intelligence chiefs ++ ++ This is the president elect of the USA. Good Grief!

++ Unbelievable - The elected US president can't spell unprecedented! Then he makes a completely spurious childish accusation that later proves to be unwarranted ++ ** Trump credulously believes anti-vaxer proven claptrap.

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