Sunday, 4 September 2016

Proposing a Co-founded Veracity Institute

The Book that Re-Wrote the History of
Discovery of Evolution by Natural Selection
The scientific establishment has for over 155 years successfully supported senior scholars in their endeavours to keep afloat the paradigm of Charles Darwin's and Alfred Wallace's dual independent conceptions of Patrick Matthew's original and prior published hypothesis of macro evolution by natural selection.
The independently verifiable facts, some long known, but many newly unearthed, which have been suppressed and continue to be suppressed in this scientifically deviant endeavour, are presented in ten main groups, with full citations to sources, on the Patrick Matthew blog: here   .
Perhaps we need an independent Veracity Institute to address all issues where independently verifiable facts bust much loved paradigms and then meet fierce resistance from those whose career and financial interests are underpinned by keeping the punctured premises, which support those paradigms, inflated with de-facto fact-denial pseudo scholarship, cherry picking, cognitive blindsight, propaganda, mythmongering, fallacy spreading, obscene abuse and downright lies?

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